Russian Speaking Therapist

Are you looking for a Russian-speaking therapist? Did you come from the former Soviet Union or just a few years ago from now separate Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Armenia etc? Are you looking for a counselor who in addition to being educated in mental health is also an expert on Russian culture and is sensitive to its norms? Then, I may be a therapist for you.

Although I came to United States a long time ago, I am fluent in Russian language and have a connection and deep ties to Russian culture and its sensibilities.

I can provide counseling and therapy based on my understanding of the immigrant experiences, as well as any adjustments to life in a different country. I provide psychotherapy in Russian language for any personal, relationship, work-related or couples issues.  I have helped individuals (both children and adults) to become more assertive, deal effectively with issues of anger and manage stressful situations and conflictual relationships.

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