Anxiety, Depression, PTSD Therapy

Are you suffering from constant worrying, experience attacks of anxiety, when your heart races and you get out of breath? Do you have obsessive thoughts that make you extremely anxious? Are there fears that you find embarrassing, yet impossible to overcome?

It is difficult to cope with day to day stressors when one is preoccupied with negative thoughts and worry.  Maybe you have relied on your friends’ and family advice, but to no avail.  Friends and family may have told you to “stop worrying because everything will be fine” or, perhaps, they even got frustrated with you because the extent of your worry does not seem rational to them.  It may not feel rational to you either; however you may feel a complete lack of control over it.

Do you experience frequent crying spells? Do you feel fatigued, lacking energy to perform basic daily tasks like personal hygiene? Do you often miss work or school and feel like a failure? Have you even contemplated hurting yourself? That’s an extremely challenging place to be.   Again, you may want to rely on family and friends, but with little results.  Family may give you common sense advice, like “snap out of it” or “it’s not so bad, you should be grateful for what you have.” However, it’s hard to follow common sense advice when you are stuck in negative thought patterns and sad feelings.

Finally, have something traumatic happen to you? Do you have flashbacks and relieve traumatic events on a daily basis? Do you have nightmares that make it impossible for you to rest at night and intrusive negative thoughts during the day? It’s hard to appreciate even the most beautiful things in life when one is so immersed in the past.  Again, others may have difficulty relating to your experiences, “ It’s over now”, they may say, “time to move on.”

And how much do you want to follow their advice! How wonderful that would be it you could stay present and in the moment to enjoy simple pleasures of life! To enjoy beautiful things your children and partners do for you to make you feel better; to take pleasure in reading, nature, arts and music! What could be better than to be able to benefit from the delightful things life has to  offer.

Join countless others who have learned to recognize, empathize and change their negative thoughts and feelings to feel at peace. It is possible to learn how to quiet your mind, live in the present moment and get a good night’s sleep.  If you’re tired of trying to figure this out on your own, confused about what works for anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder and would like to talk to someone who specializes in your concerns, please give me a call. I have helped many others learn how to take back their life from worry, doubt or fear and find freedom from negative beliefs. Many people have told me that the best thing about us working together is how we get right to the heart of the matter – at the comfortable pace for you – but that will get you to the place you want to be in your life.

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